Frequently Asked Questions

When are the games played?

Indoor Netball is played Monday to Thursday evenings from 5:30pm & Sunday Afternoons

Indoor Cricket is played Monday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings from 5:45pm & Sunday Afternoons

Indoor Football is played Monday to Thursday evenings from 5:30pm & Sunday Afternoons

Do I need to join as a team or can I enter as an individual (or with my friend)?

You can do either:

  • To enter your team into a week night league enter on line, give us a call, send us an email or use the registration form in the menu above.
  • If you enter as an individual (or with your friend), we will place you in one of our Planet managed teams. You can enter as a ringer (this allows captains who need players to email you with a possible game) Just let us know what nights, sports and what centre you wish to play at by registering online.

How much do games cost?

The cost per team/player varies depending on the sport, night and venue.

Are there any other cost's other than the game fee?

No. Once you have registered you pay a per game fee and that is all!

  • You can pay you game fees for the whole season and receive a free $100 bar tab.
  • If you elect to pay each week your team must maintain a 1 game fee credit at all times. This credit can be used for the last game of the season.
  • If players choose to pay individually the cost is $15 each.

How much will my team pay for the season?

There are 18 rounds in the season and the cost per round depends on the sport and grade. The registration page has details about the costs per round per team.

How do we pay?

The team can pay for the entire season upfront and receive a $100 bar tab.

If your team elects to pay weekly Captains must collect the game fees from all players and pay for the match before you play.

What equipment / gear do I need?

We provide the team Bibs (for netball, soccer), balls and gloves. For cricket we also have available cricket bats for use.

What happens if my team can't make a game?

Teams that cannot make their game time, for a genuine reason, can apply for a pre notified default 5 working days before the scheduled game time. Bye request forms are available at reception.

Teams that default within 4 working days will be liable for their match fee

Teams that do not show up for their game will incur a double game fee and lose 5 competition points

For enquiries or to book Select your local branch or (09) 444-2311