Terms and Conditions

Conditions of Play:
  1. We understand if this fee is not paid in full on the night no competition points will be awarded for the applicable round.

  2. All game fees to be paid prior to the start of a game.

  3. Teams must be ready to play 10 minutes prior to scheduled game time. If you are short, see the Duty Manager who MAY be able to find you some player/s.

  4. Game Times â€" We ask that you select your game times that suit your team members and it is our aim to keep to the times within that range. Sometimes this is simply not possible so we do ask for a degree of flexibility from your team. All teams are expected to play all games scheduled for their team

  5. All defaults within 24 hours will incur a forfeit fee of 2 x game fees plus loss of competition points. All defaults between 24 â€" 48 hours will incur a forfeit fee of 1 x game fee. Any default at all outside of the 48 hour window will incur ½ x game fee. The Management reserves the right to withdraw teams who default 2 or more games

  6. Withdrawing a team â€" you may withdraw a team from a competition as long as two weeks notice is given. Failure to comply to this notice period means you will be charged for the games that your team would have played in the two week period. Your team can not withdraw if there are game fees outstanding.

  7. Outstanding game fees â€" Should your team withdraw part way through the competition or leave at the end of a competition and have outstanding game fees remaining to pay, Indoor Sports Glenfield reserves the right to transfer the outstanding amount to a debt collection agency if the amount is not settled within 2 weeks. Every effort will be made on our behalf to recover the debt before the debt is transferred. If the debt is placed with a debt collection agency, you (the team captain) agree that you will be liable for the debt as well as any collection/ late payment/ administration fees.

  8. Player Qualification â€" To qualify for semis and finals, a player must have played a specified number of games which is dependent on season length. Players must have played at least half a game for it to count towards qualification.

    14 week season = 7 games to be played for qualification

    13 week season = 7 games to be played for qualification

    12 week season = 6 games to be played for qualification

    11 week season = 6 games to be played for qualification

    10 week season = 5 games to be played for qualification

    Players may only play for one team in any semis or finals on a given night in a season. We would prefer players only play in one team per night. We reserve the right to handicap players playing in a lower grade than they normally would.

  9. Touch Rugby shoes are not permitted, as they rip up the carpet. Dress shoes or any other footwear not specifically intended for use on the indoor pitch are not permitted. For the health and safety of other customers, you may not play in bare feet or socks.

On behalf of my team, we agree to abide by both the Rules of Play and the House Rules as determined by, and may be amended from time to time by, Absolutely Indoor Sports Group Ltd.

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